Policy & Career

Drop-in Classes or Trial Class (Advance booking Required)

Cadenza music academy offer dedicated music faculty, to provice students a holistic approach towards learning and practising music in global genere.

  • 1-hour any group class during an existing batch: Rs. 500 per person.
  • 1-hour class as a private session: Rs.1200 (one on one 100% attention)
  • FREE if student joins for quarter term

Please note: The trial class is FREE only if the student decides to join Cadenza, DMA at least for 3 months or above. If the student joins, the Rs.500 paid will be adjusted with the fee and the billing cycle will start from the next class, making the first trial class 100% free. If the student decides not to join Academy, then the Rs.350 will not be refunded.

Make-up Class Policy

Sometimes, schedules get interrupted due to various circumstances. Our Academy has created a fair "make-up class" policy with all constraints from both the students' and the Academy's point of view. A make-up class is a free class that is provided on any rescheduled time slot or at the end of your course end date if you miss any class due to any unpredictable reason.

  • A. The Academy will be able to reschedule a maximum of 3 make-up classes per quarter term for issues arising from the students, like if the student being sick or any other unexpected reason.
  • B. If Academy is canceling any session, we will surely give you another time slot to make up the missing session. A make up class will be provided by the Academy, if the Academy teacher is unavailable for a class OR Due to technical problems arising from the Academy

The Academy will allot make-up classes in case the student informs by email or SMS only at least 24 hour prior to the class that they will not be able to attend.

In case, the student plans a long vacation or absence due to some reason, the Academy will postpone the rest of the classes for a maximum of 2 weeks. To avail this privilege, the student needs to inform the academy at least 3 weeks prior to the start of the absence period through mail or SMS only. Contrariwise, we may not assure the same slot time and teacher, as it depends on their availability.

In case the student missed any class at last moment due to unavoidable circumstances, Academy will not provide any make up class, it will be considered as ABSENT.

On any national or state holiday or after any event (Assembly or Annual Event), Institute will be closed and will not be providing for Make up class these holidays (As mentors have fully justified by sending your child for the performance).

If any student takes a long break or discontinue for a certain time period, the revised/ current fee structure will be applicable.

Course Continuation policy

Two weeks before the expiry of your course you will be informed by Academy. You can enroll for the next session after a successful completion of your existing course and classes will be resumed immediately after the payment of the next term. You can discuss openly with us about your course, so you can chose the best plan for next level. You can meet our management anytime for support. Please drop us a mail on cadenza.dma@gmail.com

Studio Hiring

Studio: 800 Square Feet in Size, wooden flooring, one side Mirror wall, Speakers, water/ restroom inside, and Air Condition (2 ton AC): Rs.1500 per hour. Any loss or damage of any studio property will be claimed accordingly by the Academy. Whoever hires the studio has to pay or replace or re-fixation for all the damages or losses happen during the hiring period.Please drop us a mail on cadenza.dma@gmail.com

Support Class Policy (1 on 1 session)

  • Students can request additional 1-1 sessions with teachers during a course to help them on specific concepts or if they have missed any classes.
  • Sometimes student does not meet the prerequisites of the next course, in that case teachers may recommend add on classes to students to bring them up to the speed, such classes are called support classes (1 on 1 session).
  • Support class program is minimum of 6 weeks with 1 class per week and classes are one on one.
  • In this support class teacher will focus on specific learning needs of student with the objective of meeting the criterions of the next course.
  • A mutually convenient time slot will be scheduled for support classes. If the student fails to attend a scheduled add-on class, there will be no refunds or rescheduling of the same class.
  • Support classes are hugely beneficial for students in terms of spending time with a teacher on a specific concept.

Payments and Refunds Policy

  • Please note: Fee once paid is non-refundable. We would do our best to adjust the fee in other classes/batches if for some reason you can’t attend one batch, but the fee will NOT be refundable in any case.
  • Full fees has to be paid in advance including registration amount, If you are opting two courses can be paid in 2 installments within 1 month after the date of first installment.
  • Cadenza, DMA reserves the right to raise prices at any time for any course. Both current and new students enrolling in courses must pay the current prices in effect at the start of each course term.
  • All the expenditures for Examination or Performance will be beard by the student, like entry fees, costume, support classes if needed or any other outlay than your regular training program fees.
  • If any damages happens to the property belongs to the Academy, the person who cause the damage will compel to pay the cost of damage with immediate effect to the Academy.