About Cadenza Dance & Music Academy

Registration No: UDYAM-KR-03-0146025

The Academy offers a unique learning opportunity for students and families. The Academy brings together a community of distinguished and well qualified faculty that offer personalized attention through private lessons, group classes and performing assemblies, as well as support classes and workshops.

We have been providing our students exceptional training in music and dance since many years. Students of our Academy have received honors. Starting as a very small studio we are now reputed music and dance school at Whitefield, Bangalore, which is providing enormous courses of music and dance under one roof.

We realize you have a choice between several different music and dance studios. We invite you to compare all of the features and options to see why our studio has been chosen more than any other music or dance studios. Come visit! Experience the songs and giggles of Music Appreciation and little tiny and skillful moves in dance appreciation class of preschool kids.

Explore the halls and hear musicians in piano, guitar, strings, descant recorder, drums, or voice lessons of all age groups. Observe dancers in Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Bollywood ,hip-hop or ballroom! Try our physical training expertise with their amazing skills